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Never miss a race

Does it ever happen that you miss a race because the car you purchased from another racer or dealer malfunctions or you wreck? 

We all know that answer is YES! 

What we're offering is any racer that purchases a car or engine from Legends Direct will never miss a race due to these things. 

We will supply our customers with a loaner car or engine until they get their car back together.*

Just another revolutionary program offered to our customers to make sure we continue to grow the sport of Legends and Bando racing across the country! 

Please call our number 319-226-3900 for more details on the program! 


*Customers will be responsible for picking up their loaner and delivery back to Legends Direct in same condition as it was received. There will also time limits on how long a customer will be able to keep loaner. These details will be worked out on a case by case basis! 


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